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Certain consumers have paid as much as 16 000 $ plus financing charges for a heat pump Worth $7,000 including installation. How can people still be conned in tokays market when so many public awareness campaigns exist? What about those claims of miraculous energy savings? Forget it. Consumers can complain about poor workmanship or shabby installations but they mostly feel jaded by the marvellous energy savings they were promised and which are downright unrealistic. Natural Resources Canada has confirmed an increase in complaints regarding the cost of operating air to air heatpumps.

Often attracted by near fraudulent promises by telemarketers on the feasibility of air to air heatpumps, consumers are mislead as to the true energy costs for heating or air conditioning. A homeowner from Amqui, Quebec bought a heatpump after being promised a 70%.

Sales agents who don’t promise high energy savings face very few complaints. Most homeowners who buy a heatpump are satisfied. They consider their heating system as a luxury, just as they would a swimming pool or hot tub. Their first consideration is to increase their comfort level thanks to a milder heat source and air conditioning. For these homeowners, the operating cost is secondary and if there are savings to compensate for the investment, all the better.

As for the quality of installation, only a true specialist evaluate a consumers needs. He will consider the characteristics of the dwelling, the homeowner’s needs and his budget. He will then be able to propose the best type of unit as far as capacity (the most powerful is not necessarily the most appropriate) and will suggest those modifications that will balance the air distribution throughout the dwelling. When a door to door salesman tells you that his heatpump is the Cadillac of heatpumps and that it will do miracles without his having evaluated the homeowner’s heating and ventilation setup, the model he’ll suggest is probable the one that offers him the biggest commission. By doing a bit of research a consumer can always find specialists who are honourable both in their profession and their knowledge of energy technology.

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