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Programme Rénoclimat


The Rénoclimat program encourages homeowners to improve their energy efficiency through renovations such as the following

  • insulation improvements;
  • joint sealing;
  • Installing or le replacing mechanical systems such as combustion heating systems.

A Rénoclimat advisor will make two energy evaluations of the home : one before and one following the renovations.

The evaluation done before the renovations will establish

  • The energy efficiency of the home (&EacEacute;nerGuide listing, a listing published  by the Canada Natural Resources);
  • A written report of the evaluations and its recommendations.

After having received the energy rating, the homeowner can contract the renovations with the recommendations he has received. When the work has been completed, a new evaluation will establish the energy rating. If it is in the norms, the homeowner could be eligible for financial aid.


Chauffez vert program
The homeowner participating in the Rénoclimat program might also be eligible for the Chauffez vert program and receive Financial aid for the replacement of the heating system or gas/oil hot water tank.


ÉcoRénov Tax Credit
The homeowner who has eco-energetic renovations done by a certified contractor may be entitled to a ÉcoRénov. Tax credit

Eligibility and conditions


Owners (individuals or enterprises) of admissible residences situated in the province of Quebec, such as:

  • single family dwellings (individual, semi-detached, townhouse, rowhouse or mobile home);
  • duplexes;
  • triplexes;
  • multi-family buildings from 4 to 20 apartments (including condominiums);
  • secondary residences.

Le dwelling must conform to the following conditions   :

  • have a maximum of three floors above ground;
  • have a maximum ground surface area of 600 m2;
  • be fully built and completed;
  • be fully built and lived in at least 12 months prior to an application for participation in the program;
  • be a year round residence;
  • have at least 50 % of the surface area be assigned as a living area.

Conditions relative to condominiums
A condominium owner cannot participate in the program as an individual. All of the owners of the building must participate at the same time.


Condition relative to secondary residences
A secondary residence must meet all the required conditions to be admissible to the program.


Admissibility conditions to financial aid
To be admissible, the owner must contract work on the building envelope (improve the insulation and sealing) or on the ventilation system, heating or water heater. These renovations must also improve the ÉnerGuide rating of the home by at least 1 point.


Other conditions may also apply. A complete list of these conditions for admissibility may be found on the Bureau de l'efficacité et de l'innovation énergétiques web site.

Benefits and subsidies

There are two typed of financial aid :

  • Financial aid to cover a part of the energy evaluations;
  • Financial aid to reimburse a part of the cost for the work done.

Financial aid for energy evaluations
The program covers more than 50 % of the cost for energy evaluations. The remainder is paid by the homeowner. When participating in the program for the first time, the cost for energy evaluation following the work is free.


A $100. reimbursement may also be granted the owner of a single residence to help cover the evaluation cost for a first evaluation before work begins.


Financial aid for renovations
Calculating the Financial aid will depend on the type of work and the type of residence.

The document Cadre normatif – Programme Rénoclimat lists the different amounts a homeowner may be entitled to.

Start and duration

The Rénoclimat program has been offered since May 13th, 2006.

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